Welcome!  Just a little insight into my world of accessories aka ‘stuff’. 

Stuff is good.  If you have too much, and don’t use it, stuff is bad.  If you get rid of the stuff you don’t need or want, you make room in your life for new stuff.  Not to confuse new stuff with more stuff, stuff is important to our everyday lives, as our own stuff is very personal and meaningful to our individuality.  Then, there’s food-stuff . . . don’t get me started on food.

My interpretation of stuff is in the form of handbags, clutches, pocketbooks, tote bags, pouches and whatever I decide to make out of all the fabulous stuff in my sewing studio.  I like to make stuff you need, but with an artistic approach to complement your own taste and personality.  Personally, I think you just gotta have a great purse to stuff your stuff in.